« The advantage of being intelligent, is that we can always play stupid, however being the opposite is completely impossible »

Woody Allen

Who am I ?

At 16 years old, René Cousins stops his secretarial studies, putting an end to his important administrative career to become a professional actor.

In 1991, he co-founds the company “The cousins”, with whom he creates several shows which were performed all over the world until 2013.

After this he founded the magic, burlesque duo “The Mentallos”.

He also participated in several other projects; role of the angel in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Albertville in 1998. The role of Bart in the film “The Fairy” by Abel and Gordon in 2011. Hospital clown with the company “The Rire Medecin” since 2006.


First a laborer then a dock worker before becoming a specialized educator for handicapped children, René then became a professional actor in 1983. In 1984 he trained in circus arts with Annie Fratellini. He then left for the season to become a circus clown with “Knie” ( Swiss national circus) before going to Japan in 1989 and 1990.

He continued to further his practice in the art of clowning with Michel Dallaire, Jean Claude Cotillard and Tom Ross…

The Caracter !

Street vendors/ con men ?

These salesmen from another time often have a bad reputation. Street sellers, con men, fairground people, barters, demonstrators; there are about 50 000 of them all over France today with their merchandise under their arms. René Cousins’ character is a tribute to this disappearing profession. He has chosen this context to sell his miracle molecule, a pretext for mentalist skills and magic visuals. He finds the eloquence and the patter of these travelling salesmen, where humor and bluffing discoveries go hand in hand.

This show can be played in English, of course…
… but also in Spanish and Japanese !

Tout Doit Disparaitre (Everything must go)

« Everything must go » is an burlesque mentalist magic show. René the fraud, a real peddler, will demonstrate his latest invention, The enriched serotonin !

Presentation : Have you ever dreamt of becoming more intelligent? Thanks to my invention this dream can become reality! “Everything must go” is a show which combines humor, mentalist magic and visual effects. By inviting you to taste the miracle molecule to explore what’s hidden beyond your normal brain horizon, René The Fraud promises you if not total brain power, at least to have a good time. His patter persuades and convinces, his energy gets to you and his sensitivity touches you. He reads you like a book, feels the public’s desires and sees the invisible. But what exactly does he see? Ladies and gentlemen, you will see with no precedent that which has never been imitated. You will be witness to wonderful things, even the impossible, assist miracles!

You will see on others around you, friends and family and even on yourself, the immense benefits of this miracle molecule !

This show can be played in English, of course…
… but also in Spanish and Japanese !


  • Le CHANNEL, Scène nationale de Calais.
  • THEATRE SENART, Scène Nationale de Melun.
  • LES ATELIERS FRAPAZ, Centre Nationale des Arts de la Rue, Villeurbanne.
  • QUELQUES PARTS, Centre Nationale des Arts de la Rue Boulieu-Lès-Annonay.
  • SHAM Spectacles, Pôle Cirque et Arts de la Rue, Le Bourget.

Supported by:

  • LE SAMOVAR, Bagnolet (residencies)

CLOSE-UP – An other proposition…

René Cousins also stars in solo magic performances mixing short stories with magic visual effects, close-up mentalist for events, cocktails etc.

His numerous trips have permitted him to perform in English, German, Spanish and Japanese. In evening dress or as a fake waiter he will address you kindly and innocently through visual and mental magic. Watch out for your thoughts, watches and bottles !

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